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Regimental Book

Is an Australian military history business specialising in Australian military books with an emphasis on unit history titles.

Our goal is the promotion of Australian Military history, which we believe, is an important aspect of Australia’s history and makes Australia such a great country today.

We specialise in unit history books, which generally are about the war service of various battalions and regiments and are aiming towards stocking every Australian unit history title ever published – either as afirst edition or later reprint. The interest in Australian Military history is big and getting bigger every year as ordinary Australians become more interested in the activities of their relatives during times of conflict.

Many of these soldiers tried to forget about their experiences of war and never said much about it to family members or friends. People are now seeking Australian Military books to try and gain an understanding of what Grandfather or Great Uncle went through. Our goal is to assist people in finding out as much as they can and to commemorate and honour the service of these Australians Servicemen and Women.

Our large selection of titles are actively sought out by collectors, family historians, battlefield tourists and Australian military history enthusiasts.

We also offer a range of other services, such as: Military history research, replica medals, medal mounting and framing and now also a range of Australian Military collectibles.

“As an independent and agreed French battlefield guide, specializing in Australia’s Great War History on the old Western Front, I depend on Australian ‘first hand’ literature of the Great War and if you are interested in Australian military history I highly recommend Regimental Books at www.regimental-books.com.au to you. Their newsletter and facebook will also be a priceless treasure of information for your own family research.”

Barbara Legrand,
True Blue Digger Tours