Our very special offer for 2020 :

australian battlefield tours somme - True Blue Digger Tours

All Villers-Bretonneux as a half day tour :

  • Adelaide cemetery from where the Unknown Australian Soldier was brought home
  • Victoria School and visit of the new Franco-Australian museum
  • Australian National Memorial on Hill 104 and visit of the new Sir John Monash Center

For 75€/person:  4 hrs to V-B and back to Amiens

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Also our full day tours in 2020 :


australian battlefield tours somme - True Blue Digger ToursWhen it’s springtime here in our Somme countryside – which has everlasting links with Australia since the legendary fighting days of 1916 – Canola is blooming yellow all over, draping our entire Somme landscape in bright shining gold, giving the appearance of a tribute to the many Aussie Diggers who fought for our freedom in this far away part of the world.

With this fitting image, we welcome you to TRUE BLUE DIGGER TOURS, a specialized touring company, exclusively dedicated to tour Australian battlefields and memorials along the old Western Front,  including The Somme & Flanders Fields and bringing the ANZAC LEGEND alive!

Our tours are special! We understand, that you may not want to waste your valuable time after travelling half way round the world – and we have found that mixing up a tour coach with different nationalities and different interests is not a really satisfying experience to any single one of them. Because of this, TRUE BLUE DIGGER TOURS focuses exclusively since 7 years on Australian history of the Great War.

Following the opinion of Sir John Monash & Charles Bean,  we have a strong conviction that the Aussie Digger of WW1 gave birth to the modern 20th century fighting soldier and we can prove this on Australian fighting ground!

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on one of my battlefield tours.
I meet all my clients personally and pick them up with my TBDT bus, easy to spot with its Australian Flag crowned by the Rising Sun.
And please keep in mind: we provide tours all year round, even private tours!

Barbara Legrand