Australian World War 1 Battlefield

 Tours made for Australians...


 - Our half-day and full-day tours are based on 'first hand' historical research and literature of the Great War, such as the Official Australian War History of the Great War written by Charles W. Bean, who was Australia's official correspondent to the First World War, or the official WW1 diaries of the old A.I.F.

 - Our Australian Day tour in the Somme will enable you to measure the outstanding contribution of Australian Frontline soldiers and generals. You will stand on the very ground that the ANZAC troops fought and understand why WW1 was decided with Australian tactics. 20th century definitely starts in 1918 and is a truly Australian (Hi)story...

- TRUE BLUE DIGGER TOURS offers you guided day tours to Australian fighting
Places and memorials on the old Western Front for individuals as well as for groups of up to 8 persons. Our half-day or full-day tours for Australian visitors focus on Australian WW1 History.

- Your tour starts by pick up from either your hotel in Amiens or either the railway station (approx. 1 hour by train from Paris) or the railways station at Arras.

- You will travel in our new RENAULT minibus.

- You will visit places where your soldiers fought and the headstones of your family’s soldiers are.

- You will enjoy lunch or dinner at places especially selected in France or in Flanders  for lasting quality and value. And…

- We always guarantee you an individualized service. The pattern of the tour you book is always decided by you and made for you…without extra prices.

- TRUE BLUE DIGGER TOURS is an independent French company, exclusively working for AUSSIES, complying to all obligations in force in France, member of SBP, the label of the Historial museum and Tourist’s Department of the Somme.