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    •  Greg and Leonie Fairweather - Australia (12 Jan 2012 09:51)
      Hi Barbara

      My husband Greg and I went on your wonderful tour 22nd August last year. Since then we have been inspired to research our Grandfathers part in WW1 and their feats at being awarded the Military Cross and Military Medal. Find attached photo of my grandfather in trenches in the Somme. His name is John Tilden and he is standing at the centre of the photo. Do not know the names of the other soldiers as Photo was found in my grandmother's keepsakes with a newspaper article but no names given.

      Have given your name and email address to a friend who is interested in doing same tour. I'm sure they will enjoy as much as we did. Thanks again

      Leonie Fairweather

      [The amazing photo of Leonie Fairweather's grandfather, John Tilden, in trenches with out ANZAC soldiers in the Somme has been appropriately featured on our Tour of the Somme page. Thank you so much Greg and Leonie for kindly submitting this incredible WWI photo. Lest We Forget]

      •  Olive Adams - Australia (22 Dec 2011 13:38)
        Merry Christmas Barbara,

        Wishing you all good wishes for the festive season and a happy and healthy 2012. I have just received in the mail a photograph of the "Dead Mans Penny" plaque (do you know of these memorials) awarded to my great uncle, L.M. Allen, along with a handwritten account of his final days in France, by his brother. These items were presented to a museum in the very small town in South Australia where he was born. I have visited this town - some years ago - not knowing of the existence of the items - however my research has tracked them down! They have been kind enough to have the photos done for me. I believe they have been in the archives and now will be put on display, along with a photograph identified because of my enquiries. How good is that? After all this time this man has become more of a name lost in history to our family. I have this to remember always.

        Take care, Warm regards,
        OliveAdams - Australia

        •  James Sambrook - Australia ( 22 Nov 2011 08:06)
          Madame....of the 5 weeks of travel two days really stand out. The day I visited my grandfathers memorial at Villers- Bretonneux and the following day I spent touring with you to Fromelles - Ieper -Hill 60 - Tyne Cote and finally onto the Menin Gate where we witnessed the Last Post ceremory.

          I can only once more thank you for a fabulous day.

          Kind regards and best wishes
          James Sambrook (passenger 2nd October 2011)

          •  Kim Kerr and family - Melbourne, Australia ( 27 Aug 2011 16:21)
            Thank you again for a wonderful experience. I got on the internet for hours last night researching the 21st Batt. diaries they were very informative and I could trace where my grandfather was exactly during his service. I have lots to tell my mother when I return home. Keep up the great work and we will endeavour to recommend your tour in Australia”.

            Kim Kerr and family,
            Melbourne, Australia

            •  Andrew - Geelong, Vic, Austria ( 27 Aug 2011 15:37)
              Barbara's, True Blue - Digger Tours I found very informative and conducted at a relaxed pace, Barbara has a deep Respect and admiration for what the Australian and New Zealand soldier has done for their countries in those years long ago.

              I would highly Recommend , True Blue - Digger Tours to anyone.

              Geelong, Vic, Australia

              •  Ken and Anna Hughes - Camden, New South Wales, Australia (25 Jul 2011 23:41)
                Barbara of True Blue Digger Tours was our guide for one day in May 2011, touring sites associated with the Australians in World War I, between Amiens and Beumetz-le-Cambrai. She is the best tour guide we have had in 30 years of travelling.

                Her in-depth knowledge of Australia's role in the Somme area is outstanding. I have studied Australian WWI history; however Barbara's explanations as she took us to the Villers-Bretonneux, Corbie, Hamel, Sally-le-sec, Albert, Pozieres, Mouquet Farm, Bapaume and Beumetz-le-Cambrai areas expanded my knowledge. My wife said that at the beginning of the day she was not interested in old battlefields, but as the day unfolded she became interested thanks to Barbara.

                Barbara is also a qualified guide of the Amiens Cathedral. She taught us how to “read” the front of the French cathedral and it was fascinating. She took us through the cathedral and explained each aspect in a way that just reading a book cannot do. Barbara went out of her way to show us and explain the background to the Australian Memorial and flag inside the cathedral, including quotes from the Archbishop’s speech.

                Her enthusiasm for the Australian soldier’s role in World War I in Northern France and in particular at Villers-Bretonneux and Pozieres was just heart-warming for us. Barbara took us to the new (2008) Hamel Memorial where she showed a complete knowledge of General Monash’s tactics on the day. Our side trip to the Tommy Cafe in Pozieres was wonderful [and they have the best chips in France]. We strongly recommend Barbara and we do not believe you could get a better guide to the Australian soldier’s role in the Somme Valley.

                Barbara is also a wonderful ambassador for Amiens and its history – ask her about Julius Caesar’s invasion of Britain and Jules Verne!

                •  Jenny and Graham McConnell - Australia (19 July 2011 07:56)
                  Dear Barbara

                  Thank you for taking us on the tour through the Western Front in the North of France and Belgium on 29th and 30th June. We ran out of time to finish filling in your guest book.
                  We really loved the two days of touring with you. We were very impressed with your knowledge of the areas you took us and also your knowledge and passion about the Australian involvement in the various campaigns in the First World War.

                  Your explanations and the detail at each memorial and significant sites helped to make the experience for us very moving and memorable. Your English is fantastic and you were able to keep us very interested with all the stories and history of the areas we visited.

                  We really appreciated you picking us up and delivering us back to our hotel each day and also the mini bus was comfortable and great to be travelling only in a very small group.

                  We wish you well with your business and we have passed on your information to our travel consultant with our recommendation.

                  Thanks once again for a memorable experience.

                  Jenny and Graham, Sydney, Australia
                  Denise and Graham, Hallidays Point, Australia

                  •  David and Monica Rafferty - Lugarno, NSW 2210, Australia (08 Jan 2011 13:38)
                    Dear Barbara, It was all a bit quick at the end when you dropped us off near the Cathedral, but we do want to say what a wonderful day we had with you on Friday. Your knowledge and insights are just amazing and we really appreciated that you gave of yourself for us. We learned a lot throughout the day and we felt we connected in some way with the events of the Great War. Thank you very much for the tour and your sharing of your profound knowlegde and passion for the district of The Somme. We really appreciate this day, which we will not forget in a hurry. Thank you and kindest possible regards to you.

                    David and Monica Rafferty,
                    Lugarno, NSW 2210, Australia.
                    P.S. Please let us know you ever decide to come Down under.