Our tour of the Somme involves a full-day tour to the Australian fighting places and Memorials where ANZAC soldiers were involved in WW1 on the old Western Front. There are many exciting aspects that you are sure to enjoy during our tour through the Somme:
The Somme standard day tour always starts with a short visit to Amiens cathedral, mightiest gothic cathedral in France, twice the size (210,000 cubic metres) of the more famous Notre Dame de Paris.
A listed UNESCO World Heritage site, the cathedral is renowned for it's 13th century Gothic design and sculptures.
The cathedral is home to the only official French commemoration plaque honouring Australia & the contribution of the A.I.F. in the winning of WW1.
Amiens cathedral also hosts an Australian flag presented to the cathedral of Notre-Dame díAmiens, by General Sir William Birdwood at the request of the Bishop of Amiens. The bishop stated that he and his congregation saw the Australians as saviours of their town and grand cathedral.
It was Australians fighting in 1918 that spared & saved this cathedral, situated only 13 kmís behind the Western Front of 1918.


Adelaïde Cemetery (where the unknown Australian Soldier was first buried);

ANZAC | John Tilden | In trenches | The Somme | Battlefields | Western Front | France | WWI
ANZAC John Tilden (standing in centre), with other ANZAC
soldiers in trenches in the Somme, Western Front,
France during WWI
(Source: Greg and Leonie Fairweather)

Victoria School with the Australian Museum inside (open from Monday to Saturday evening);

The National Memorial of Australia with its official Ross Bastiaan battle exploit plaque. This is the site of the broadcasted Dawn Service for ANZAC DAY.


The newly inaugurated Australian Corps Memorial Park, honouring and explaining General Monash’s battle of 4th July 1918, with extensive explanations, a "must see" for all Australian visitor's to the Western Front.


1st Divison’s  Memorial, the reminders of Gibraltar pillbox;

The holy ground of Windmill on Pozières ridge;

As well as the outstanding fighting place of Mouquet Farm, on the other side of this famous ridge;

Pozières has its 3 official "Australian Battle Exploit plaques", a record unbeaten on the Western Front!


In between you will enjoy a real French style lunch break at a popular French restaurant.


We finish our day tour of the Somme with a visit to the old trenches within the Newfoundland Memorial Park (last battlefield of 1916 in the Somme, still remaining and untouched with its trench system and No Man’s Land).