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  • As specialists on the battles fought by the ANZAC troops on the Western Front in France and Belgium during the Great War (WWI), we have had the privilege of acting as specialist tour guides to many families and friends of the veterans, the diggers who fought on these battlefields. We very much appreciate the invaluable feedback and testimonials that these clients have so kindly provided. These testimonials are entered into our guestbook and as you can see below, they are listed in reverse chronological order. We hope you enjoy reading the feedback and experiences of these True Blue Digger Tours clients.

    Our publicity is very much based on such feedback and the valued appreciation of our tours and service by our clients. Therefore, if you are a past client and would like to participate in recording your battlefield touring experience with us then simply use our contact page to email us your testimonial and please feel free to include photographs for inclusion on our website.
    We will very much appreciate receiving your testimonial for inclusion in our guestbook and will reply by email as soon as possible.
    •  Peter and Susan Turnbull Melbourne VIC (25th of March 2015)
      "Barbara is a wonderful guide who took us on a tailor made tour of the Somme to suit our needs incorporating my grandfather who survived and my great uncle who was killed in action. 
      She is passionate about her work and we would highly recommend her company"

      •  Brett & Anna, Sydney NSW (5th of March 2015)
        "Very interesting & educational tour.
        Humble and an experience we will never forget.
        “Lest We Forget”

        •  Colin & Jenny Oxenham Australia (27th of January 2015)
          "Very impressive tour.
          Very educational & informative"

          •  David and Leanne Appleby TAS (25th of November 2014)
            "Hi Barbara,
            We are back home now in Tasmania.
            We just wanted to thank you for your very helpful and informative tour that you provided for us.
            We are very grateful for your personal input into locating the information to identify the area my grandfather served while in France and possibly lost his life.
            This was very moving for me and for my family on my return home.

            Your extensive knowledge of the events of the Great War was extraordinary and made our tour one of the best part of our trip.
            Thanks again"

            •   Peter & Kerry Price Australia (8th of November 2014)
              "Dear Barbara,
              I would like to thank you for our recent Somme battlefield tour.
              I cannot speak too highly of how impressed Kerry, Wendy and I were with the tour.
              Your knowledge of, and passion for, our forefathers involvement in The Great War was an emotional experience that none of us expected.
              You have certainly increased my understanding of the Australian involvement in WW1.
              I would unreservedly recommend this tour to any Australian looking to understand our countries' involvement.
              Thanks again"

              •  John Belton NZ (28th of October 2014)
                "Thank you Barbara for an interesting and most enjoyable afternoon"

                •  Roz Gray Australia (21st of October 2014)
                  "Thank you for a wonderful day.
                  Your knowledge & enthusiasm added very much to the whole experience.
                  Thank you also for the personal touches of allowing us to connect with family members"

                  •  Jane & Rod Gillianatest Sydney NSW (21st of October 2014)
                    "Barbara thanks for your help finding my great uncle’s last known position near “Cléry” – what a great day"

                    •  Kathy Lavender Sydney NSW (19th of October 2014)
                      "Many thanks for a wonderful day.
                      You have reignited my passion for Australian war history"

                      •  Sheena & Will Sorrell NSW (14/15th of October 2014)
                        "Thank you so much Barbara for your wonderful two days of WW1 touring.
                        Your passion & knowledge of the area and Aussie involvement in the fighting here is boundless a  credit to you. We thank you also for the sighting of the baby mole & the red squirrel family.
                        We are leaving with a much deeper understanding of that unfortunate time in history.
                        P.S.: We hope you feel better soon… you were a little soldier yourself…pushing onward & upward, especially the long day of Flanders tour…
                        That’s true dedication to the position of guide.

                        •  John & Deb Hallifax Australia (30th of September 2014)
                          "Thanks so much Barbara for a very interesting tour.
                          It meant so much to me and I’m sure to my sister to see our great uncle’s resting place – very moving day"

                          •   Jan SA (30th of September 2014)
                            "Barbara thank you for our tour! Your knowledge of the battlefields Australians fought in was very informative.
                            A special thank you for taking us to our great uncle’s gravesite.

                            •  Mark Wegley Canberra ACT (26th of September 2014)
                              "Thank you so much for such an interesting factual tour.
                              I really enjoyed your enthusiasm for the topic & your knowledge & research is excellent!

                              •  Flavio Belci SA (22nd of September 2014)
                                "Barbara – thank you for a well constructed tour, very informative – it broadened my knowledge of Australian memorials overseas.
                                Very passionate about your subject."

                                •  Sarah, Maria, Mel & Jules  MEL/SYD/ & BRIZZY (18th of September 2014)
                                  "Thank you for a lovely, very moving day.
                                  It puts a lot into perspective, given these men were so young, yet so courageous.
                                  I love being Australian and it’s this kind of history that reminds us why.

                                  •  Laurie & Vienna Winton, Colin & Leesa O’Brien Perth WA (13th of September 2014)
                                    "Barbara thank you for a wonderful day (and arranging the air show just for us!).
                                    We have all gained a new perspective on the A.I.F.’s contribution to the liberation of France and ultimately victory in WW1.
                                    It makes us proud to be Australian and enhances all our ANZAC DAYS to come with wonderful memories of this place"

                                    •  Bunny & Brodie Hosgood WA  (13th of September 2014)
                                      "Best tour I’ve been on. A great day, very informative.
                                      Old Anzacs would be proud of the way you have portrayed them"

                                      •  David & Helen Trotter Australia (13th of September 2014)
                                        "A wonderful tour once again.
                                        We came in Sept. 2012 and the tour was so good, this time we brought my brother & sister-in-law with us.
                                        Thank you Barbara

                                        •  Mark Cornell & Kim & Tom Cornell Australia (12th of September 2014)
                                          "Thank you Barbara. I love your passion for the Australians.
                                          It was so moving seeing my Great-Uncle Edward’s grave.
                                          The whole day was fantastic.
                                          You’ve rekindled my love for my countrymen.

                                          •  Kevin & Berrie Morrison Perth WA (10th of September 2014)
                                            "Thank you Barbara for two very informative day tours of the Somme & Flanders battlefields & memorials.
                                            Your passion for what you do, your knowledge of the subject matter, and your obvious appreciation for the contribution of Australian troops in WW1 came across in all your commentaries.
                                            We appreciate what you do & will recommend your tours to other Australians.
                                            Kind regards"

                                            •  Maree & Laurence Sydney NSW (8th of September 2014)
                                              "We had such a wonderful day, filled with so many emotions.
                                              You made our history lessons come to life.
                                              From beginning to end you made our time with you so very special.
                                              Please come to Sydney soon.
                                              Thank you"

                                              •   Shane Kernich Melbourne VIC (5th of September 2014)
                                                "A thought provoking day.
                                                Thank you for the outstanding explanations of Australian battles and history.
                                                Enjoyed it thoroughly."

                                                •  Lisa Geraghty Australia (5th of September 2014)
                                                  "Thank you so much for the wonderful history tour of the Somme!
                                                  I learnt so much & have a wonderful pictorial memory of my day.
                                                  Au revoir

                                                  •  Owen & Chris Kahler Sydney  NSW (3rd of September 2014)
                                                    "We are both so very grateful for the wonderful day we have spent with you.
                                                    Your insight and genuine love of the Australian & NZ sacrifice is a blessing to us.

                                                    •  Tony Turner Australia (22nd of August 2014)
                                                      "Wow! So impressed! Loved every minute of it!
                                                      Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

                                                      •  Michael and Barbara Walsh Australia (22nd of August 2014)
                                                        We would like to thank you very much for a great tour of the Western Front.
                                                        Your knowledge of the Somme and the events of WW1 were amazing. You displayed a rare quality of emotion and inspiration as you described the events that changed the war, and the important part the Australians played under General Monash. You are a great tour guide and I recommend you to any of my fellow countrymen from downunder."

                                                        •  Garry & Kerryn Monnie Australia (22nd of August 2014)
                                                          "A significant tick off the bucket list.
                                                          No tears, but very, very sad at what happened. So happy to have walked the ground.
                                                          Fabulous learning experience by an honest, lovely Barbara.
                                                          Thanks heaps

                                                          •   Sue & Allan Australia (18th of August 2014)
                                                            "We have had a fantastic day and are going home so much more knowledgeable about our history.
                                                            Would recommend the tour to anyone.
                                                            Thank you
                                                            . "

                                                            •  Gary & Sharon King Australia (13th of August 2014)
                                                              "Such a wonderful, moving and humbling experience to be had with Barbara on the Western Front Tour.
                                                              Barbara - WOW! Just WOW - your passion and knowledge is admirable and outstanding to say the least.
                                                              We are already proud to be Australian, but to hear your historic stories and the way you deleiver them just makes us feel prouder.
                                                              Nothing can ever justify the events that happened at that time, but we must never forget and with you Barbara that will never happen!
                                                              Do not go to France without doing this tour. "

                                                              •  John & Pam O’Grady SA (11th of August 2014)
                                                                "Dear Barbara – thank you so much for taking Pam and I on what is a very important tour for Australians.
                                                                As an Australian soldier of almost 40 years, I found the visit very moving.
                                                                “Lest We Forget”.
                                                                Kind regards

                                                                •  Leanne Monro & Chris Barry VIC (10th of August 2014)
                                                                  "We did both the Somme & the Flanders tours with Barbara.
                                                                  Two extraordinary days. So much passion and knowledge, and so willing to share it and help us try to comprehend WW1. You can read all the books you want, but until you come and walk in the footsteps of our soldiers, you can’t begin to understand. Barbara brought it to life and helped us “feel” it.
                                                                  Best 2 days of our holidays.

                                                                  •  Ken & Helen Patterson Melbourne VIC (9th of August 2014)
                                                                    "Excellent knowledge – well researched and with a real passion for the Australian experience.
                                                                    It was great to get the feel for the lay of the land upon which they fought.
                                                                    Many thanks Barbara – for an excellent Somme tour.

                                                                    •  Brian & Allan Roe Australia (8th of August 2014)
                                                                      "(Anniversary of a special day in Australian military history).
                                                                      It is a gift that someone from a land far away has such  a detailed & special understanding of what is so important for all Australians to learn & understand. Your words in just one day told us in detail about what happened to our forbearers and so many others."

                                                                      •  Chris & John Mitchell Australia (4th of August 2014)
                                                                        "This day commemorates the beginning of WW1 – a fitting day to tour the Somme with a lady very passionate about Australians who fought in France & so knowledgeable historically. "

                                                                        •  Peter Morrison Mt. Albert VIC (29th of July 2014)
                                                                          "Thank you Barbara for a most informative and wonderful tour of the Somme battlefields!
                                                                          The Wesley “Old Boy’s” who fought & died here will thank you."

                                                                          •  Helen, Dave, Sonia, Nathan & Alison Melbourne VIC (27th of July 2014)
                                                                            "Barbara thank you for  a fabulous day out, very informative and enlightening.
                                                                            Our children learned a lot and were kept entertained throughout the day.
                                                                            All the best!"

                                                                            •  Ruth & Stephen Simmons TAS (23rd of July 2014)
                                                                              "Thank you Barbara & a fabulous day. Your knowledge is outstanding.
                                                                              Very enjoyable day.
                                                                              You’re a wonderful guide.

                                                                              •  Paul & Roza Russel Perth WA (23rd of July 2014)
                                                                                "Thank you Barbara for a truly inspirational day. This is one of the best tours we’ve ever been on.
                                                                                We will recommend you to all our friends."

                                                                                •   Robbie Eather Wingham NSW (22nd of July 2014)
                                                                                  "Barbara, your passion for the history of the Somme battle & your knowledge has given me a day I’ll never forget. Thank you."

                                                                                  •   Claudine Geelong VIC (21st of July 2014)
                                                                                    "Barbara, many thanks for a wonderful WW1 Battlefield tour.
                                                                                    You provided fantastic & insightful information and made the day lots of fun.
                                                                                    Your passion is brilliant, I had a ball!
                                                                                    Claudine. "

                                                                                    •  Elaine QLD (19th of July 2014)
                                                                                      "Thank you Barbara for such a great day. Your knowledge of the war is astounding.
                                                                                      I have wanted to visit my grandfathers memorial since I was a child and you have made today very special for me".

                                                                                      •  Deborah Parry & Dennis Stevens Perth WA (15th of July 2014)
                                                                                        "Thanks Barbara. Great local knowledge & passion. "

                                                                                        •  Stuart & Jenny Craig Melbourne VIC (12th of July 2014)
                                                                                          "Thank you Barbara – very educational & informative – we had some knowledge of the “Great War” but now know so much more! Glad we made the effort to come up from Paris for the day.
                                                                                          No wonder so many things are named “Monash”.

                                                                                          •   Tim Felton Sydney NSW (9th of July 2014)
                                                                                            "Just a superb day!
                                                                                            So many moving experiences and superbly delivered by Barbara.
                                                                                            A lifelong wish to visit has been met. What a highlight of my trip!
                                                                                            Kind regards Tim Felton"

                                                                                            •  Glenn, Kathy & Emily Ellis Melbourne VIC (9th of July 2014)
                                                                                              "Dear Barbara, Thank you so much for such a fabulous day.
                                                                                              Your knowledge and passion for this tour is amazing.
                                                                                              We will go back to Australia with this being a highlight of our trip.
                                                                                              Our lunch was delightful in a place we would never come across on our normal travels.
                                                                                              The party we have shared this tour with were lovely and overall, apart from the cold and rainy weather – this was a most enjoyable way to spend one of our days in Paris.
                                                                                              We will certainly recommend your tour to our family and friends.

                                                                                              •  Catherine & Robert Newton Australia (6th of July 2014)
                                                                                                "Fantastic trip around the Australian war sites.
                                                                                                Barb was a fantastic guide – very informative and obliging – we’ll be back again
                                                                                                Thank you Barbara".

                                                                                                •  Michael Monaghan Sydney NSW (1st & 2nd of July 2014)
                                                                                                  "The Somme & Flanders. An extensive trip into the highways and by-ways of that terrible war.
                                                                                                  Your depth of knowledge and thoughtful commentary i.e. the Australian participation made it especially relevant for us. Thank you also for the generosity with your time in ensuring that we managed to get to battlefields and cemeteries relevant to members of my family".

                                                                                                  •  Glenice & Ted Lakelands  WA (30th of June 2014)
                                                                                                    "We were delighted with your knowledge and passion.
                                                                                                    It was worth waiting for, we now travel with a much stronger feeling & knowledge of what our forefathers went through, so long ago.
                                                                                                    Our bond with France will live in our hearts thanks to you

                                                                                                    •   James & Brett  AUS & UK (24th of June 2014)
                                                                                                      "Thanks Barbara for a very unique & wide ranging Flanders tour. A true water sign!
                                                                                                      Such a broad canvas was delivered today, nobody does a better!
                                                                                                      Our luck to pick you!

                                                                                                      •  Tom & Simone Newcastle NSW (20th of June 2014)
                                                                                                        "What a wonderful, interesting day!
                                                                                                        Your knowledge & respect – for not only the Australian soldiers, but also the British, French & Canadians is amazing! Your enthusiasm on this tour made the day.
                                                                                                        Thank you again"

                                                                                                        •   Lyn & David Sydney NSW  (12th of June 2014)
                                                                                                          "Barbara loves Australians & hates slow truck drivers and large cars…
                                                                                                          On a day that could have been destroyed by a train strike, she made every effort to provide for our wishes & to visit a particular place.
                                                                                                          Knowledge A++. Passion A++.
                                                                                                          The best day of our holiday!"

                                                                                                          •   Erika & Lawrence Australia (12th of June 2014)
                                                                                                            "A wonderful day visiting WW1 battlefields and memorials. Very informative commentary on the various details of battle strategy and weaponry that put what the Aussies had to deal with and their deeds into context.
                                                                                                            Very glad we came

                                                                                                            •  Helen & Neville  Brisbane QLD (5th of June 2014)
                                                                                                              "Thank you for a fantastic day. We appreciate all wonderful information you imparted to us.
                                                                                                              A very emotional day. We loved all the stories, it made the day extra special.
                                                                                                            • Thank you for remembering our Australian soldiers with the enthusiasm & passion you have.
                                                                                                              Helen & Neville "