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    •  Bill and Cheryl Howard Essendon, Melbourne (23rd of June 2012)
      “This is just a short note to thank you for the "impromptu tour" you provided for Cheryl and I back in early June.
      We met some Australians who were waiting for you to pick them up, and we talked about how difficult it was to find our way around. They suggested that we wait to see if you had room for two more when you arrived to pick them up, and it ended up being the best thing we did whilst in that part of France.
      The knowledge you have of what our countrymen did in WW1 is amazing, and if we were not proud Australians when we met you, we would certainly have been when we parted.
      We could almost regard you as an "honorary Aussie ". I am not sure how you could use this note, but we would be very happy to recommend you to any Australians who want to know the true role Australians played in the Somme battles of WW1..
      Thanks again..

      •  David & Bev Campbell Samford Village, Queensland. (23rd of May 2012)
        “Absolutely amazing.
        Your knowledge is orated with pride, knowledge & a love for our wonderful men who fought for what we stand for to-day. Great memoirs for great Australian men!
        Thank you Barbara - our adopted Australian War Memorial Ambassador”.

        •  Captain Jim O’Hanlon on behalf of Australia’s Federation Guard. (27th of April 2012)
          “Thank you Barbara for your knowledge and the compassionate way in which you present it.
          It has added depth and colour to our tour & duties in France/Belgium”.

          •  Sgt. William Guthrie  RAAF. (27th of April 2012)
            “Great knowing you and learning from you.
            Kind Regards”.

            •  Major Ian Finlayson Australian Army Headquarters. (27th of April 2012)
              “Many thanks for a great tour”.

              •  LACW Catherine Wright (RAAF), Federation Guard. (27th of April 2012)
                “Thank you so much for the tour Barbara, we all enjoyed it.”

                •  AB Bryony Dwyer RAN. (27th of April 2012)
                  “Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge with us. Your passion and dedication to the remembrance of our diggers’ stories does us great honour.
                  Grand merci!”

                  •  AC Michael Ball RAAF. (27th of April 2012)
                    “Thank you for recreating the battles in such detail.
                    It was a haunting experience and has broadened m knowledge of what the soldiers went through”.

                    •  AB Lindsay Cozyn RAN. (27th of April 2012)
                      "Thank you for sharing all the History that unfolded in the Great War.(Bravo Zulu)”.

                      •  AB John Scruton RAN. (27th of April 2012)
                        “Thank you for showing us where our diggers fought and died.
                        It has been a real career highlight”.

                        •  Natalia Lawrence Australian Federation Guard. (27th of April 2012)
                          “Thank you Barbara for taking the time to show us the sacrifice our soldiers made for us to live the lives we do today. We are ever grateful for what they did –
                          Lest we forget”.

                          •  Sean Watson 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit, AFG. (27th of April 2012)
                            “Outstanding tour Barbara. Your knowledge and obvious personal connection to the history and sacrifice of the AIF in France makes for a very meaningful experience”.