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    •  Diane & Bob Atkins (18th of June 2013)
      “Dear Barbara,
      My husband and I had the good fortune to participate in one of your Somme tours on 8th June.
      I would like to convey to you my sincere thanks for the wonderful experience you gave us on this incredible tour.
      Your expertise and wealth of knowledge was outstanding and it was a highlight of our trip.
      Many many thanks Barbara, we will remember our tour with you for many years"
      Diane and Bob Atkins

      •  Lynda Schekoske (16th of June 2013)
        “Hi Barbara,
        Just a quick note to say what an amazing day we had with you on Friday.
        I learned so much more about the contribution Australia's young soldiers made to WW1 thanks to your enclyopaedic knowledge of this period. I also appreciated the respect and care you showed to all the troops - from both sides - who fought for their countries and made the ultimate sacrifice.
        For our Australian men, who died so far from home, how reassuring it is that people here care so much and pay them so much respect. Thank you, again, for an amazing experience.
        If you would like to use my comments as an endorsement, please do, because I don't think Aussies could find anyone better with whom to tour Flanders.
        Finally, if you are interested in the Aboriginal musician, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunapingu, I suggest you listen to Wiyuthal - it's very beautiful..”
        Warm regards and best wishes

        •  Chris Jardine Sunbury, VIC  (30th of May 2013)
          “Fabulous day, enjoyed your passion & knowledge.
          I leave here better for meeting you and the understanding I now have.”

          •  Greg & Francine O’Mara Aspendale Gardens, VIC  (29th/30th of May 2013)
            “We have enjoyed a fantastic two days doing Flanders & Somme tours.
            Special significance was to visit my Great Uncle’s grave at Morchies.
            Barbara’s intense passion & knowledge was wonderful.”

            •  Kerry Morris Dee Why, NSW  (29th/30th of May 2013)
              "Dear Barbara,
              Thank you for keeping the Australian spirit alive on the Western Front and for helping Aussies like me experience this very special place. It has been a dream of mine to come here and your expertise and knowledge has made a more than expected experience.
              The 2 days of Flanders & Somme tours have been amazing. Thank you for your advice giving me the confidence to drive myself to Joncourt to visit the location of my Great-Grand Uncle Albert Southam, and for giving me insight into his time here.
              We Will Remember Them.
              Lest We Forget.
              Thanks "

              •  Susan & Michael Hurley Mittagong, NSW  (27th of May 2013)
                “An absolute amazing 2 day tour of Flanders and the Somme.
                In particular my Grand Uncle's grave at Heilly Station cemetery.
                One of the highlights of our 9 week U.K. tour.
                Barbara is an excellent communicator and very informative.”

                •  Geoff Holden Victoria (13th of May 2013)
                  you have given me a new perspective on WW1. From a woman’s and a mother’s point of view, which is different from mine, a former soldier.
                  It has certainly not diminished my hate of war. Thanks for a wonderfully educational and fun day.
                  Good luck with your eye and don’t worry if you have to go to hospital.
                  Thanks also to fellow traveller Michael.
                  All the best,
                  Geoff Holden.”

                  •  Michael James Sydney (13th of May 2013)
                    “Thank you very much for taking me on the tour. It has been a most profound and touching experience to stand where hundreds of thousands of people were killed.
                    The hauntingly beautiful memorials are in stark contrast to the barren desolation of the war.
                    Your great knowledge taught me a lot and your funny anecdotes kept the tour lively.
                    It has been an exceptional day with you and Geoff.
                    Thank you, Michael.
                    P.S.: Hospital is not so bad”.

                    •  Julie & Barry de Jong WA (10th of May 2013)
                      “Hello Barbara,
                      I would like to express our appreciation for your efforts in taking us on a WW1 journey thru Somme and Flanders. Your commentary was so incredibly interesting and informative…..
                      with empathy and dignity for our fallen soldiers….
                      Its reassuring to know those who lost their lives so far from home will never be forgotten and will always have a place in history, and in the hearts of the French community.
                      Thank you for your interest and the genuine passion to tell a vivid story to visitors such as ourselves!
                      There were some amazing moments of beauty blended with extreme violence, and yet for us we felt that the stop at the pub to visit an ex soldiers’ collection of war artefacts and to see his amazing effort in rebuilding the trenches of both the Australian and Germans in his backyard was extraordinary!
                      A pleasure to have spent the 2 days with you Barbara and we will recommend your service.
                      With kindest regards from your Aussie visitors”
                      Julie & Barry de Jong

                      •  Cathy & Ged Doyle Melbourne (9th of May 2013)
                        “Many thanks for your wonderful insight and valuable history lesson.
                        Your passion & enthusiasm, coupled with your extensive knowledge, was able to paint a vivid mental image of what times might have been like.
                        Thank you for making it so real & personal for us. You have given us a deeper understanding & connection with our own history & the forging of our legends and long term international friendships.
                        We hereby anoint you an ‘honorary Australian’
                        Best wishes,
                        Cathy and Ged Doyle.”

                        •  Carmel Cox  Melbourne (8th of May 2013)
                          “Many thanks Barbara for bringing this area of my history & the history of the people who live here and went through the events of WW1 so alive.
                          Your passion & knowledge shines through. May you & others continue to be enlightened about the events that are there for us to continue to reflect on.
                          May peace & harmony continue to be in this special place.

                          Kind Regards,

                          •  Robin Lewarne Sydney (25th of April 2013)
                            “Dear Barbara,
                            This morning I am thinking of you with thanks, as we remember our visit to the Western Front last year.
                            This ANZAC Day our eldest grandson who is in cadets at Shore School is helping out at the dawn service then carrying a banner in front of a company of old soldiers in the main ANZAC Day march through the city of Sydney.
                            I have suggested to many that they get the DVD made on Sir John Monash.
                            I hope our friends Anne & Peter Goldner learn as much as we did on their visit with you as we did.”.
                            Robin Lewarne

                            •   Ann Dykes Yarrawonga (25th of April 2013)
                              “Hi Barbara,
                              Now that we are back home in Victoria, Australia, I wanted to say thank you so much for the tour we took with you on the 26th March to Fromelles and then on to many interesting sites and finally to finish the day at Ypres with the last post.
                              It is Anzac Day here and the tour has helped us have a better understanding of the war and what all those courageous soldiers went through so that we can have the freedom we do today.
                              Your knowledge and stories of the battlefields touched us all deeply.
                              Of course the highlight of the day was going to Pheasant Wood Cemetery and visiting the grave of our relative Pte. Thomas Cosgriff who now has an identity thanks to the science of DNA testing.
                              It was a memorable day for us all and again I thank you for your knowledge and passion in enabling us to see, understand and acknowledge some of what occurred on these battlefields.”
                              Ann Dykes

                              •   Mary McCubben Australia (24th of April 2013)
                                “Bonjour Barbara,
                                I want to say a big thank you to you for a wonderful day yesterday. I am very grateful for the knowledge you passed on to us. You have wet my appetite to learn more about the battlefields of the Western Front and to share it with others so they can make the same journey as I have.
                                I think I would like to come back in 2016 to be part of the 100 year anniversary. Maybe I can encourage some of my family members to join me.
                                And I think I will take up your suggestion of putting my story in paper or somewhere to encourage others to find and visit their family members. I never thought I would ever get to be here and visit the Western Front.
                                I watch the ceremony at Villers-Bretonneux every year on TV, filled with emotion and now I will be a part of this tomorrow.
                                I hope Anzac Day goes well for you,”
                                Mary McCubben, nee Hedrick

                                •   LGVT David Foulds RAN Australian Federation Guard (22nd of April 2013)
                                  “Your tour was exceptional and very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and feel that it made the history of the area & the war of 1914-18 come alive for me in a very real way.
                                  Thank you on behalf of myself and every one in my group.”
                                  LGVT David Foulds, RAN,
                                  Australia’s Federation Guard, Western Front 2013 Commander.

                                  •  Chris Farrell Brisbane (15th of February 2013)
                                    If every Australian was to make one tour on their trip to Europe then it should be your Somme Tour.
                                    Your passion and understanding of what occurred during that time is contagious.
                                    At every moment throughout the tour your narrative bought the plains back to life. The heartache, despair, fear and pride for the troops that took part in these conflicts will stay with me forever”.
                                    Chris Farrell
                                    (Grandson of William Albert Farrell, 12th Btn 3rd Bde AIF)

                                    •  Thomas Auld & Annelies McPherson Wollongong, NSW. (30th of Janvier 2013)
                                      Thank you for allowing us to experience the Great War.
                                      It makes me proud to be an Australian by seeing all we have achieved. Your attention to detail & subtle knowledge inspires me to learn more of Australian exploits in all conflicts”.

                                      •  Ian Jackson Perth, WA. (22nd of January 2013)
                                        “Dear Barbara,
                                        So many thanks for prouding me with such a wonderful and informative two days of tours in the Somme & Flanders Fields.
                                        I was so very taken with your very high degree of professionalism and your amazing knowledge.
                                        Thank you for being such an inspiration to ensure we never forget those who fought for freedom”.

                                        •   Emily Orange, NSW (11th of January 2013)
                                          Thank you very much for the tour.
                                          You have so many interesting things to say about WW1 and Australia’s involvement. I have learnt so much! I really appreciate you doing this tour for us at the last minute, especially when you could have spent the day in your pyjamas!”

                                          •   Richard Cameron Australia (9th of January 2013)
                                            “Hi Barbara
                                            “Richard here. Just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for your enthusiastic and thorough tour of the battlefields on 2nd Jan.
                                            Ellie and I had a great time and received a lot of useful information. I’m in the process of writing up my family history.
                                            The information you provided, I will build into the stories about Uncle Harry (Murray), Bill and Jim Neven and Joe O’Reilly.
                                            I am going to do little stories about their time at the front for each.
                                            Thanks again Barbara for a great tour of the battlefields. It is amazing how much those soldiers suffered and touring it, brought that home to Ellie and I”.
                                            Cheers, Richard.

                                            •  Jan & Ned Smith Maitland, NSW (8th of January 2013)
                                              "Dear Barbara,
                                              Thank you for a wonderful day. Your wealth of information has made us proud to be Australian. Take care.“
                                              Jan & Ned Smith

                                              •  Scott & Manuela & Elle Harrison Sydney & Toowoomba (7th of January 2013)
                                                “Dear Barbara,
                                                We had a fantastic day! Your knowledge of the history and your insight is exceptional. Thank you so much.
                                                Take care”.

                                                •  Michael, Pauline, Ray, Patricia & Kevin Australia (6th of January 2013)
                                                  Thanks for the informative and heartfelt statements of appreciation for commitment of Australian Defense Forces, of men & women, though nearly 100 years ago now. Your sincere comments of their deeds warmed & saddened us all & stirred our national pride”.

                                                  •  Alexia & Judith Pinguel Australia. (5th of January 2013)
                                                    Thank you for a wealth of information with a real feel for Australian culture and contribution.
                                                    We leave feeling like we have a better grasp of our own past and that of a country we love dearly”

                                                    •  Kate Meale & Jim Caporn Sydney. (4th of January 2013)
                                                      “Dear Barbara,
                                                      Thank you for a memorable day filled with valiant memories of Australia’s past, present and future.
                                                      The ghosts of the silent Australian martyrs are safe in your hands.
                                                      Thank you for sharing these precious locations, primary sources and living, breathing history”.

                                                      •  Emily Hunter & Peter Dynnicki Perth, WA (3rd of January 2013)
                                                        “Dear Barbara,
                                                        What a wonderful day we have had.
                                                        I can’t describe in words the significance of this day to us. Your knowledge & anecdotes are so brilliant. You really have painted the perfect picture of the Great War in the Somme for us.
                                                        Thank you for educating us about the huge impact Australian soldiers had in the Great War & reminding us of the pride we should have of our soldiers.
                                                        You have inspired both of us to now take an active role in commemorating & investigating the war & our individual soldiers’ journeys further –
                                                        Thank you.”

                                                        •  Ellen Cameron Aussie in Canada (2nd of January 2013)
                                                          “Dear Barbara,
                                                          Thank you so much for a tour with ‘real heart’.
                                                          For someone who knows nothing of the war, you have made it so real and so interesting! Your suggestions of other writings & books have given me so many ideas for working to bring it all in focus, a thing that will now be of interest for me.
                                                          Thank you again”