Guestbook Page 4

    •  Dave Jaques & Bob Pimm  Perth & Collie WA (24th of August 2013)
      “Thank you so much Barbara, your passion and knowledge made the tour memorable,
      bloody brilliant”.

      •  Michael & Barbara Walsh  Melbourne (20th of August 2013)
        “Thank you for a very interesting and moving experience. It is hard to comprehend what actually happened in this beautiful, peaceful countryside – history was made and cannot be forgotten”. Michael Walsh

        “Barbara you have amazing knowledge and the information you provided was fascinating and detailed.
        Thank you for an enjoyable day, it was moving and emotional as well”. Barbara Walsh

        •  Steve Merchant & David  Gulgong NSW (15th of August 2013)
          “A great day and excellent guide giving solid information of a sad time in the world & Australian history”. David
          “Barbara, you are the ultimate tour guide! Your knowledge of the Great War is fantastic.
          Absolutely splendid”. Steve

          •  Sydney & Wendy Hall Werrington County NSW (9th of August 2013)
            “What a great day!
            Barbara, your knowledge is unbelievable and we were lucky to have selected your tour.
            Thanks for a wonderful day. We will spread the word and send more Australians to you”. Wendy Hall

            “I am blown away with your enthusiasm for the impact & sacrifice the Australians made during the first World War” Sydney Hall

            •  Lachlan Mercer Sydney (7th of August 2013)
              "Thank you for a great couple of days. Your knowledge and interest is a great credit to you”.

              •  Barry & Lorraine Moncur Heathmont VIC (3rd of August 2013)
                “Barbara, what impressed us most was the depth of your knowledge and your obvious respect for the soldiers.
                We enjoyed the day and your company from pick-up to the return to our hotel.
                Be assured we will tell everybody that yours is the tour for Australia’s participation in the Great War on the Western Front”.
                Many thanks for a great day”.

                •  Carolyn & John Clarke Sydney (25th of July 2013)
                  “Barbara to say magnificent is to say too little.
                  The day was educational and emotional.
                  Thank you for your enthusiasm in bringing this experience to us”.

                  •  Graham & Julie Priestley  Sydney (23rd of July 2013)
                    “A wonderful educational experience.
                    Every Australian should make an attempt to visit this area”.

                    •  Chris, Jackie, Georgia & Will Garment Sydney (22nd of July 2013)
                      “Thank you for a wonderful day and your passion is inspiring, as is your enthusiasm.
                      Today will be a day we will always remember, and as the kids get older it will make more sense to them.
                      Thank you again & all the very best for the future”.

                      •  Veronica & Patrick Spedding Mornington VIC (18th of July 2013)
                        “Thank you Barbara for a wonderful day of a history lesson.
                        Patrick’s family will be thrilled that we have found their Great Uncle Hugh Spedding”.
                        Kind Regards,
                        Veronica & Patrick Spedding

                        •  Leonie Smith Booker Bay NSW (13th & 14th of July 2013)
                          Thank you for a wonderful 2 days and helping me find ‘my soldier’.
                          Your passion for your subject is amazing”.

                          •  Patrick & Janet Forbes Adelaide SA (4th of July 2013)
                            “I have waited for this opportunity for many years.
                            We could not have had a better guide to give us a real perspective.
                            Her knowledge and her ability to answer nearly every question was a great plus.
                            My father served in Gallipoli & France and organized the opening of the Villers-Bretonneux memorial.
                            To see where he fought and where he later came back was brought to life by Barbara.
                            More than anything, her esteem for the Australian contribution was also very much appreciated by us.
                            Many thanks indeed.”
                            Patrick & Janet Forbes

                            •  Darren, April, Rochelle, Lachlan & Hamilton Brisbane QLD (2nd of July 2013)
                              thank you so much for a most informative trip.
                              We have all learnt so much and are now inspired to ask & learn more back home.
                              Thank you so very much for a fabulous day.
                              We will tell everyone at home how they must come and do a tour with you!
                              It was fantastic!”
                              Darren, April, Rochelle, Lachlan & Hamilton

                              •  Neil & Cynthia Nyholm Monash VIC (29/30th of June 2013)
                                “The last two days have been a most memorable visit to the Somme & Flanders.
                                We are so grateful for the experience of travelling with you.
                                You are much more than a guide. You are a great historian – a feral scholar.
                                We are sure you will have many more years showing Australians about their gallant history.
                                God bless.”
                                Neil & Cynthia Nyholm

                                •   Michelle Kidd NSW (28th of June 2013)
                                  “Thank you so much for an informative and interesting day.
                                  Your passion and knowledge is truly inspiring.
                                  You make me proud to be an Australian and I want to learn more about our history in WW1.”
                                  Michelle Kidd

                                  •   The Byrons Sydney NSW (28th of June 2013)
                                    “Thank you Barbara,
                                    An amazing & informative tour.
                                    We are warmed by your knowledge for the Australian involvement in the Great War.
                                    We love the passion.
                                    Best of luck in the future!”
                                    The Byrons

                                    •  Deb Brassington SA (21st of June 2013)
                                      “Dear Barbara,
                                      The combination of experiences today has helped me to understand the courage and bravery of all involved.
                                      Your knowledge is outstanding.
                                      Thank you.”
                                      Deb Brassington

                                      •  Wendy Wilson SA (21st of June 2013)
                                        “Thank you for taking me on an amazing journey to walk where my Grandfather walked.
                                        Your passion & knowledge was wonderful.”