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    •   Ben Roberts & Romy Collier Canberra ACT (27th & 28th of December 2013)
      "Dear Barbara, the past two days on the Somme & in Flanders have been a sobering, overwhelming experience, but one which has been enjoyable and very educational.
      Your knowledge & passion for 'Our Boys' and their roles in the battles they fought is highly commendable and a real credit to you.
      Thank you for everything, but importantly, thank you for bringing it alive, making it real without sensationalism and for educating us.
      Your tour is not a tour - it is a history lesson!
      Thank you again & again!! Cheers.

      P.S. Thank you too for getting us to Polygon Wood, to bring me close to my GG Grandfather and his eventual demise."

      •   Wayne, Michelle & Nat McKay Brisbane QLD (27th of December 2013)
        "Dear Barbara,
        An amazing day. Your passion, your knowledge and your enthusiasm is extraordinary.
        We learnt more in one day than we ever thought was possible.
        To us you are an honorary Australian."

        •   Lucy Sharman Sydney NSW (23rd of December 2013)
          "Dear Barbara, thank you so much for an unforgettable day.
          Your knowledge is so extensive and your passion for history is inspiring.
          You've taught us a lot about what our country achieved in the war and made me appreciate their actions so much more.
          I'll be doing much more research when I get home about the events and people you've spoken about!
          Thanks again
          Love The Sharman Family."

          •   Peter & Karyn Sobels Melbourne VIC (21st of December 2013)
            "Barbara - Thank you so much for a memorable day. Amazing knowledge and passion!
            A wonderful memory. Thank you!"

            •   Shane Radley  WA (15th of December 2013)
              "Fantastic day. Very enjoyable.
              Your (Barbara) knowledge & passion of the Diggers is remarkable. Have wanted to see the battlefields for a long time.
              Thanks mate!"

              •   Kathryn Brown  QLD (12th of December 2013)
                "Absolutely incredible experience. So many great stories & so amazingly knowledgeable.
                Thank you so much."

                •   Brenton & Karen Schaumloffel Adelaide SA (26th of November 2013)
                  "Barbara, please add to your guest book that we found the tour very informative and it really made the sacrifices made by the Australian troops clear to us.
                  We would thoroughly recommend the tour to anyone who has an interest in Australia's commitment to France in World War 1"

                  •   Jane & Tyson Doneley Brisbane QLD (29th of October 2013)
                    "Thank you Barbara for your enthusiastic, informative & interesting 'documentary' of WW1 history.
                    We have also loved your 'stories'.
                    You have made this history come alive for us - Tyson Doneley.
                    We have had 2 memorable days with you - thank you very much - Jane Doneley."

                    •   Sean & Deb Barrett Donnybrook WA (28th of October 2013)
                      "What a wonderful day!
                      Thank you Barbara for such an informative and interesting insight into history.
                      We have enjoyed ourselves immensely and are more knowledgeable for the experience.

                      Once again: thank you!"

                      •   Ian & Maureen Potts Melbourne VIC (19th of October 2013)
                        "Fromelles, Passchendale, Ypres - these are all places we had learnt about in school, history books and on ANZAC Day. Your tour and your knowledge of these and other battlefields where Australians fought has brought these names to life. The day spent with you has given us so much more understanding of both the courage of the Aussies, New Zealanders, Canadians & Brits and of the futility of the war on the Western Front."

                        Thank you very much for today - Ian Potts.

                        P.S. Anzac Day services always made me cry. Now I know why. - Maureen Potts.

                        •   Clare, Tom, Fiona & Kieran Craven Sydney NSW (18th of October 2013)
                          Thanks so much for a wonderful tour of the Somme battlefields.
                          Your wealth of knowledge is impressive and your passion for Australia and our soldiers very evident.
                          We will take away lots of memories from today"

                          •   Janet & Paul McCotter Canberra ACT (15th of October 2013)
                            "Our special thanks for a day that has brought my grandfather's WW1 years into reality.
                            His Fromelles letters now mean so much more to me."

                            Thank you so much

                            •   Nick Dray Sydney NSW (12th of October 2013)
                              “Barbara – my thanks & appreciation for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm & passion.
                              It was a fascinating tour made more real by the human stories and anecdotes.
                              Despite the sobering subject matter, it was a wonderful day."

                              •   Richard Cameron Brisbane QLD (12th of October 2013)
                                “This was a powerful day, packed with information about the gruelling experiences that our forebearers endured."

                                •   Terry & Jennifer Crowe Albany WA (8th of October 2013)
                                  “Hi Barbara,
                                  Our tour with you finished late and I didn't convey our thanks into your book..
                                  We had such a great two days with you and have really reflected on so much of what you explained.
                                  More than that, travelling with you was like travelling with a friend whom we had known for a long time.
                                  A weekend we will always remember!
                                  We are now home after a great two weeks in France.
                                  Best wishes from Terry & Jennifer Crowe."

                                  •  Chris & Georgina Mayne Canberra ACT (8th of October 2013)
                                    “What an amazingly peaceful and moving experience.
                                    Many thanks Barbara for your enthusiasm and knowledge.
                                    It has been an unforgettable day."

                                    •  Jenny Jaensch & Brian Hamilton AU (7th of October 2013)
                                      “Thank you Barbara, for sharing your knowledge and passion.
                                      You are a great champion of the Australian soldiers and their spirit.
                                      May their spirit live on!"

                                      •  Pat & John Walsh Wollongong NSW (5th of October 2013)
                                        “Thank you Barbara. We have appreciated every minute of our two days.
                                        We have realized how many Australians gave their lives. We are proud of these men & proud to be Australian."

                                        •  Rosemary & Garth Horton NSW (4th of October 2013)
                                          “Have always been interested in the history of the Somme & are so glad we got to do this trip today – such a great teacher/host to take us on our travels with another Australian couple.
                                          Thank you for all your information & friendly banter."

                                          •  Walter Rowe Kalgoorlie WA (2nd of October 2013)
                                            “Barbara, thank you for a wonderful 2 days touring the battlefields of France and Belgium.
                                            It is a story that needs to be told."

                                            •  Craig & Kerryn Turner Perth WA (2nd of October 2013)
                                              “Thank you Barbara for a very emotional and informative 2 days of the Somme and Flanders.
                                              There is so much fateful and nation building history in theses remote parts.
                                              More should be taught in our schools, rather than just about Gallipoli."

                                              •  Clare Davidson Port Hedland WA (1st of October 2013)
                                                “Thank you Barbara for a really informative, insightful day tour.
                                                It was very valuable for me to see these places, so that I can pass this knowledge on to my students in Port Hedland, Western Australia.
                                                Stories, images that once seemed very distant have now been brought to life for me."

                                                •  Ash & Sue Jones QLD (29th of September 2013)
                                                  “Today we saw the places we had heard about from school & from our parents parents.
                                                  But today we tried to walk in their footsteps. We come away feeling great respect for the war that they lived & died in. It was one that no one should experience.
                                                  We will never forget them."

                                                  •  Tony Earle & Anne Henderson AU (28th of September 2013)
                                                    “Barbara, your tour has recreated events in history with an emphasis on the humanity and spirit of events making this an enthralling experience"

                                                    •  Denice Campbell Adelaide  SA (26th of September 2013)
                                                      “Thank you for a wonderful day. Your passion and enthusiasm for your subject made the day truly memorable.
                                                      We had a tour the day before and that guide had nothing on you!! and we will be recommending you to anyone that wants to know.
                                                      We wish you all the best and hope your business continues to grow and do well. Ian was sorry he did not get to say goodbye but please know he meant to.
                                                      All the best and thank you again.
                                                      Denice Campbell
                                                      If you ever are coming to Australia, or if you need any help or Australian contact from our end, please let me know and I can see if I can help. You never know!
                                                      You would certainly be welcome at our home"

                                                      •  Nance Quick Melbourne VIC  (23rd of September 2013)
                                                        “Barbara, thanks for a thoroughly entertaining, informative day.
                                                        I have a new relationship with France – and don’t tell anybody about the restaurant!
                                                        Regards, Nance Quick"

                                                        •  Rod, Chris & Dianne Newberry,  Brisbane QLD (23rd of September 2013)
                                                          “Many thanks for an interesting day on the Somme. Your knowledge of our history is incredible.
                                                          We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
                                                          Kind “Aussie” Regards”
                                                          Rod, Chris & Dianne Newberry

                                                          •  Adam & Carol Sydney NSW (23rd of September 2013)
                                                            “Thanks Barbara for sharing your detailed knowledge of the Australian battles around the Somme.
                                                            A very enjoyable and surreal experience.”
                                                            Adam & Carol

                                                            •  Frank Tanner Crawley WA (23rd of September 2013)
                                                              "A very interesting 2 days learning about the Australians in Flanders & the Somme.
                                                              Thank you for an informative and rewxarding tour.”

                                                              •  Angela Collins. AU (21st of September 2013)
                                                                “You have a wealth of knowledge about the Western Front and brought aspects of the conflicts alive.
                                                                Thank you for a wonderful day”

                                                                •  Elizabeth Collins Mackay QLD (21st of September 2013)
                                                                  “You are passionate about what you do and I am happy to have had the opportunity to “walk” the battlefields with you."

                                                                  •  Leonie Degenhardt  Sydney NSW (21st of September 2013)
                                                                    “An interesting & sobering day. Thank you for having your extensive expertise with us, Barbara.”

                                                                    •  Danielle & Christine Melbourne VIC (20th of September 2013)
                                                                      “We had a fantastic day! Couldn’t believe how much Barbara was able to fit in.
                                                                      You are such a knowledgable person, and well read!
                                                                      Thanks very much!”.
                                                                      Danielle & Christine

                                                                      •  Veronica & Andrew Moran Battery Hill QLD (19th of September 2013)
                                                                        “A fabulous day. Learnt so much and have much to think about."
                                                                        Veronica & Andrew Moran

                                                                        •  Adrian Spurr & Bow Wembridge AU (17th of September 2013)
                                                                          “Thank you for a great tour, even thou it rained for half the tour, you still gave a lot of information on all the sites.
                                                                          Thanks again."
                                                                          Adrian Spurr & Bow Wembridge

                                                                          •  Alan Leary Camberwell VIC (12th of September 2013)
                                                                            “Dear Barbara,
                                                                            It seems a long while ago that we were in Amiens.
                                                                            The tour with you was certainly a highlight of our visit.
                                                                            Your tour is well recommended to my friends.”
                                                                            Alan Leary

                                                                            •  Katrina Price Perth WA (10th of September 2013)
                                                                              Thanks so much for today. I have learnt a lot from you and I have never been more proud of where I come from."

                                                                              •  Ray & Marg Watson Sawtell NSW (7th of September 2013)
                                                                                “Dear Barbara,
                                                                                Thank you so much for a wonderful and inspiring day. Your knowledge of the battlefields is fantastic andd your company was lovely too.
                                                                                We have had a truly great day, we have thoroughly enjoyed every bit.”
                                                                                Ray & Marg Watson

                                                                                •   Geoff & Julie Shain Canberra ACT (5th of September 2013)
                                                                                  We have had a very interesting and deeply moving Flanders day.
                                                                                  Thank you so much for the explanations you have provided. The tour has well and truly exceeded our expectations.
                                                                                  Thank you again.”
                                                                                  Geoff & Julie Shain

                                                                                  •  Ray, Doreen, Chelsea & Holly Brincat Glenelg North SA (3rd of September 2013)
                                                                                    “A wonderful day. Barbara was very informative, accommodating & passionate about her area of interest.
                                                                                    Well worth the day trip from Paris.
                                                                                    Thank you Barbara.”
                                                                                    Ray, Doreen, Chelsea & Holly Brincat

                                                                                    •  Damian Watson & Rebecca Stevens Canberra  ACT (2nd of September 2013)
                                                                                      “Thank you for an interesting & informative tour of Australian experiences in the Somme.
                                                                                      Your knowledge was fantastic and your passion infectious!
                                                                                      Thank you also for making the effort to stop at the Franvillers Communal cemetery, so we could see the site of a relatives resting place.
                                                                                      It truly meant a lot to us.”
                                                                                      Damian Watson & Rebecca Stevens

                                                                                      •  Peter Bibby Perth WA (28th of August 2013)
                                                                                        “Many thanks Barbara for such a wonderful day, packed full of insightful knowledge of the battlefields and of the A.I.F. contribution.
                                                                                        I’m proud to be an Aussie.
                                                                                        P.S.: Lunch was great too!”
                                                                                        Peter Bibby