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    •   Peter, Elizabeth & Helen Harford East Brighton VIC (28th of May 2014)
      “Thank you Barbara for another great tour.
      Your knowledge & understanding of the Aussie experience in WW1 around the Somme & Flanders is outstanding.
      We will have no hesitation in recommending you to others”.

      •   Ken & Kathy McGuiness & Hugh O’Keefe Newcastle & Sydney NSW (24th of May 2014)
        “A great tour delivered with such passion.
        We are amazed & pleased to know that there will forever be a person such as yourself,
        staunchly defending the sacrifice & efforts of those Australians who never made it back.
        Lest We Forget”

        •   Sharyn & Mark NT (21st of May 2014)
          “Thanks Barbara for a great day, it was so informative.
          Our knowledge of our Australian diggers has grown so much today.
          It will be a memorable day of our holiday.”

          •   Helen & Alan Thacker WA (21st of May 2014)
            “Your passion and knowledge of WW1 shines through. Thank you for the whole day.
            So much we didn’t know about the war.
            So much my Grandfather didn’t tell us.
            Terrific day”.

            •   Deborah Sydney NSW (20th of May 2014)
              “Thank you Barbara
              Today was a very special day for us. Now we understand our history and our place in France.
              Your commentary brought the stories of the fields of Amiens to life”

              •   Leisl Moyes Sydney NSW (20th of May 2014)
                “Thank you Barbara for sharing your passion with us.
                It was a special day. Makes me proud to be an Aussie!”

                •   Olive Bagley Yowie Bay NSW (20th of May 2014)
                  “Thank you Barbara
                  For a wonderful day & sharing your knowledge and special insights of WW1.
                  I feel our family has said a a special good-bye to my Uncle George Maltby of 17th battalion, who was shot at Bullecourt on 3rd May 1917
                  He was my Grandmother’s second son to lose his life in WW1.
                  Many blessings to you”.

                  •   Graeme Bagley Sydney NSW (20th of May 2014)
                    “Thank you Barbara for your wonderful tour of the cathedral, as well as the War Memorial.
                    Your knowledge was enlightening. Your enthusiasm was contagious and we share your desire to see & understand what God has done for us, that we may know His Peace.
                    Love & Blessings to you & your family.
                    Come & visit us when you come to Sydney.”

                    •   Paul Gray Ivanhoe VIC (19th of May 2014)
                      I loved your passion to delve into History & uncover the truth & the real heroes.
                      Your knowledge on the battles & battlefields of the first World War is amazing and your delivery of that knowledge was a delight to behold.
                      What a great tour & a great day! …
                      Oh and lunch was also great!”

                      •   Athol & Diana Lewis QLD (14th of May 2014)
                        “Thank you for a great itinerary. It was so informative and made us realize how much we have to live up to
                        Lunch was a highlight, as was the cathedral. Your knowledge is awesome
                        Thank you so much”

                        •   Sean & Nicole Doyle Australia (14th of May 2014)
                          “So passionate, brings the spirit alive. Wonderful tour, very informative, with so much detail
                          Thank you Barbara for showing us a new light on Australia during WW1”

                          •   Helen McPherson & Julian Meagher Ivanhoe VIC (13th of May 2014)
                            We were both awed and humbled by your extensive knowledge and passion for Australia and the conditions in 14-18
                            . Thank you so much for sharing this with us.”

                            •   Margaret Shea Australia (10th of May 2014)
                              “Dear Barbara,
                              Thank you for your passion & for sharing your incredible knowledge of the battlefields – and for the way in which you have embraced our Australian men. You have sparked something in me which I did not know was.
                              It has been an amazing day
                              With much love to you & to yours”

                              •   Adrian McClelland & Dianne Nancanas Australia (9th of May 2014)
                                ”What an informative and very personalized day out.
                                Great lunch and Barbara was amazing with extensive knowledge of the area & history of the Western Front.
                                Thanks Barbara for an excellent day.”
                                Adrian McClelland & Dianne Nancanas

                                •   Ken & Rosemary Rees VIC (30th of April 2014)
                                  “Thank you Barbara for a wonderful day, educating & showing us around the battlefields & museums of the Western Front.
                                  We appreciated it from the Australian point of view.
                                  It was a wedding anniversary we won’t forget!”

                                  •   Fiona Hammond London England (Anzac Day 2014)
                                    “Just a short email to thank you very much for an outstanding two days of tours.
                                    Your commentary, the itinerary, and the food! were exceptional in every way.
                                    I particularly enjoyed the small group size – and of course your company!
                                    Thank you once again for taking me to see the grave of my Great-Great Uncle – it meant a lot to me and my family.
                                    I wish you all the very best for the centenary commemorations, and I hope to stay in touch!
                                    (Also looking forward to reading the SMH article – you are famous now!)
                                    All the very best
                                    Fiona Hammond"

                                    •   Sue Olsen Port Lincoln SA (Anzac Day 2014)
                                      “A passionate tour guide – loved the journey
                                      Thank you!”

                                      •   Ali Banks Perth WA (Anzac Day 2014)
                                        “Many thanks to you Barbara for a very enjoyable & informative Anzac Day 2014!!
                                        Much appreciated!”

                                        •   Pat Forest SA (Anzac Day 2014)
                                          “Appreciated your very knowledgeable & obvious passion for Australian History, especially war time.
                                          I have learnt a lot!
                                          Thank you Barbara”

                                          •   Alan & Anne Cox Sydney NSW (24th of April 2014)
                                            “Thanks for a wonderful two days in Flanders & the Somme. Your detailed knowledge of the Australian troops and their actions & battles was only bettered by the passion & enthusiasm with which you imparted your knowledge to us
                                            You brought alive for us the hardships & suffering of the Australians together with their brilliant victories in the face of adversity.
                                            I would have no hesitation in recommending you to visitors to the Western Front.”

                                            •   Dean, Sam, Joel & Marita McLeod Essendon VIC (24th of April 2014)
                                              “Thanks for the great day touring the Somme and in particular showing us the “Big Caterpillar” where my grandfather from the 22nd battalion fought and his mate William Ruthven won the Victoria Cross.
                                              You were very insightful and gave great descriptions with passion. It was inspiring.
                                              I was glad my boys got to hear some family history”

                                              “Thank you Barbara for a fascinating day. We have enjoyed your commentary.
                                              Your knowledge is amazing
                                              Thank you for teaching us “Australian History”

                                              Kind Regards,
                                              Marita McLeod.

                                              •   Heather & Keith Pidgeon Rockhampton QLD (19th of April 2014)
                                                Thank you for a wonderful day. You have brought the Great War to life for us.
                                                Your passion for your job shows through with your knowledge & enthusiastic approach. We are proud to be Australian & feel very privileged to be able to visit these battlefields & hear the real stories of the heroes who fought with other nations for our freedom.
                                                We wish you every success & visit us in Australia when you come”

                                                Kind regards

                                                •   Andrea & John Playford Yeppoon QLD (9th of April 2014)
                                                  we have had a wonderful experience touring the battlefields with you.
                                                  Your passion and enthusiasm brings to life a terrible time in history, but makes us very proud of our Australian soldiers who fought so bravely.
                                                  It is great to see they are so well looked after & honoured so far from their homeland.
                                                  Our sincere thanks”

                                                  •   Jan & Jim Trower Adelaide SA (8th of April 2014)
                                                    A wonderful tour over the 2 days.
                                                    Your extensive knowledge & passionate telling really helped us picture the terrible battles & loss of young lives.
                                                    As Australians we will always remember this trip.
                                                    Many thanks”

                                                    •   Lorna Davies-Colgate Gawler SA (8th of April 2014)
                                                      Thank you so much for a wonderful and very informative two days.
                                                      I love your passion, as you can really take us back in time.
                                                      You are also very welcoming and make us feel at home.
                                                      Thank you again”

                                                      •   Elaine & Wayne Saunders Gawler SA (8th of April 2014)
                                                        “Thank you so much for your patience and kindness and for all the information that you gave us.
                                                        It has been such an eye opener”.
                                                        Kindest regards

                                                        •   Neil Kirkwood Melbourne VIC (3rd of April 2014)
                                                          thank you for a wonderful 2 days. Your charm, good humour and particularly your knowledge of Australia’s involvement in WW1 have made for a truly marvelous 2 day tour”.
                                                          With best Wishes

                                                          •   Alison McLaren WA (2nd of April 2014)
                                                            Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge & passion for the Australian campaigns.
                                                            You helped bring everything to life.
                                                            I will miss your enthusiasm, but will remember you whenever I read about WW1”.
                                                            Kind regards

                                                            •   Robert & Judy Brooke Bungadore NSW (1st of April 2014)
                                                              many, many thanks for your expertise in the war history.
                                                              You know so much. You cared for us very well indeed.
                                                              We will tell others.
                                                              Michael was so very pleased to find his Uncle”.

                                                              •   Michael & June Ryan Bateman's Bay NSW (1st of April 2014)
                                                                “Thank you Barbara, what a wonderful experience.
                                                                I did not realize how much input Australia had in France.
                                                                It was a great experience and thank you for finding my Uncle’s gravesite in Bernafray Wood cemetery.
                                                                Many thanks”

                                                                •   Glen & Ian Mulhall Sunshine Coast QLD (29th of March 2014)
                                                                  "Thanks Barbara for a wonderful day.
                                                                  My Dad & I have learnt so much about Australia’s greatest war triumphs here on the Western Front.
                                                                  It is a great privilege to learn the background of the A.I.F. after having served in a battalion for several years.
                                                                  Very informative & passionate insights and so enthusiastic about Australians from a French perspective"

                                                                  •   Rosemary Boissezon Melbourne VIC (13th of March 2014)
                                                                    “Thank you Barbara,
                                                                    your tour gave me a much better understanding of the landscape & conditions that my Grandfathers endured.
                                                                    Your knowledge is exceptional.
                                                                    Thank you”

                                                                    •   Steve, Megan, Natasha & Cameron Robb WA (10th of March 2014)
                                                                      "Thank you for a fantastic and enjoyable day.
                                                                      Very informative with your knowledge”

                                                                      •   Mark & Deb McMahon  QLD (7th of March 2014)
                                                                        Thank you so much for the tour today.
                                                                        It surpassed our expectations. Your knowledge, passion and commitment to sharing the Australian History on the Western front is trully inspirational.
                                                                        Many thanks"
                                                                        Deb and Mark
                                                                        P.s. I would propose marriage to you over the chocolate tart!

                                                                        •   Frank & Kelli Michael  (5th of February 2014)
                                                                          “Thank you Barbara for an amazing tour!
                                                                          We are in awe of your intimate knowledge of the battlefields and you are so passionate about the “Aussie” involvement of the liberation of France.
                                                                          Best wishes for a successful career in your industry”

                                                                          •   Thérèse & John Adam Melbourne VIC (15th of January 2014)
                                                                            “Barbara, you are so passionate about your field of knowledge and have shared so much with us today.
                                                                            May the spirit of Sir John Monash and the ANZACS live on forever in the Somme.
                                                                            We feel so lucky to have been recommended to you.
                                                                            Thank you sincerely”

                                                                            •   Debbie & Carmel Hanrahan– Charlotte, Lawrence, Brontë & Andrew Lawrence  (14th of January 2014)
                                                                              “Dear Barbara, I don’t think we can thank you enough for allowing us to discover the memorial for my great grandfather Leslie Andrews.
                                                                              It has been a day that our family will always remember and I can take back so much to Leslie’s other grandchildren and great grandchildren.
                                                                              To us this history is our family story.
                                                                              You have helped fill in an unwritten chapter”

                                                                              •   Rob & Todd McMaster Ballarat VIC (6th of January 2014)
                                                                                “Thanks Barbara for a wonderful day and helping us find our 2 relations, Clifford & Joseph.
                                                                                Your great knowledge of the Australian Forces was a big insight into what they all went through.

                                                                                •   Kellie Harmon  (4th of January 2014)
                                                                                  "Thanks Barbara, what an amazing day!
                                                                                  I’ll never forget what I experienced today.
                                                                                  Thanks also for allowing me to visit my relative's grave:  Private N.B. Harmon, 4533.
                                                                                  All the best"